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luminent is the new partner for the lighting superhero. We offer a range of specially designed and manufactured product ranges for the lighting professional. We aim to make your job as easy as possible so you can get in and get the job done.

We spoke to 1,432 lighting experts and asked them what they wanted in a new lighting brand. It turns out that many of you are getting fed up of over-complicated products and solutions sold using marketing gimmicks. A vast majority of the professionals asked wanted a range of products that were simple, easy to install and helped get the job done more quickly.

All of our products come with a manufacturers guarantee. These guarantees vary from product to product. We will always do our utmost to make sure that whatever product you choose, it’s the right one for you and that you are happy with your decision.

Currently, you can purchase Luminent products exclusively on

LUX365 is a trusted retailer of lamps and luminaires.

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