You are the hero

Seriously. You are the everyday champion of the people. You enlighten their lives. It’s all about the attitude. You know your trade. You know how to do a good job. All you need is the right tools and bish, bash, bosh…job done.

Keep it simple

We all know that simple jobs run smoothly and to budget. Get the right tools, get on it and get the job done. We offer raw and authentic products without all the fancy fluff to make you look like the hero. And, who doesn’t love a hero?

Share your ideas

We are looking for professionals just like you, who can share their expertise with other installers and potential clients. We ask you to share your hints, tips, and general awesomeness with us below. In exchange, we will give you preferential treatment and lots of goodies like free products for the most creative applications. 

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15 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Hey guys,
    after our campaign for free panels has come to an end, I would like to thank for your input of your amazing ideas!
    We have contacted some of you for a follow up on your ideas. Please make sure to add our address to the safe addresses – not to miss your chance for free panels.

    I am looking forward to see some real installations based on your ideas!

    Good luck and thanks again!


  2. I have recently seen 6 of these panels ,each with a tree branch depicted, on a ceiling in a YESS lighting showroom in Skipton. I loved the effect of being in a conservatory, as if I could see the sky. I would like to have my kitchen ceiling converted to these light panels, maybe 10 or 12,(if not too expensive, & maybe the bathroom as well (both in need of rejuvenation!) but the shop says they are for commercial applications, with no catalogues of possible options for images. Can you help?

  3. Hello,
    My project idea is for a LED panel in the shape of 7 hexagons (combined). I am creating a display lightbox. Each hexagon is 70 x 80 mm. I have attached a 3D drawing which shows the shape. Total width is 210 mm by 240 mm.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



    1. or instead of mounting them on the wall, you could let them hang from the ceiling – on ultra thin filaments or wire so they would look like they are “flying”.

  4. hey there! i would like to create an LED wall art, I saw this once and I´ve found it mesmerizing. The frame would be from metal or wood – I will see how handy I am in putting this together. on the top I will put a painting – was thinking of something random – shapes or smudges and then I will put a neon blue foil between the LED panel and the painting. the light will then shine through the holes that I will cut into the painting. this will then add a decent amount of light to the room and a different atmosphere. Can´t wait to have it in my room. Regards … Lance

    1. hey guys!
      so, here we go. the wall art is finally ready. I have meanwhile changed the idea a bit if you dont mind, sorry for that… I also have to admit I was losing my nerves while cutting out the holes as it was pretty difficult, but it was definitely worth it as the result is much much better than expected!!!! Thanks a lot for the Slim Jim panel, it is really perfect. Cheers!

      1. Hi Lance,
        thanks for submitting your idea – it looks marvelous! I wish I could have such a brain..
        You definitely earned the Slim Jim! Be assured that you can enjoy for a long time your wall art – Slim Jim will ensure your brain is shining!

        Thanks again and I wish you all the best with your future projects!

        Take care,

  5. My idea would be to create an illuminating coffee table for a cozy living room environment.
    Putting 4 together with different coloured sheets would be awesome with enough space even for big parties.

    Check out my idea in the drawings – and help me to make it reality!


    1. Hi guys,
      I finally made it! Quite happy with the result and I am amazed how slim I managed to do the plate!

      Thanks for providing the panel!


    1. Hi Peter,
      unfortunately we have not 1200 x 800 in our portfolio.
      What we are currently checking is to add a 1200 x 600 version. Let us know if you would foresee big opportunities for that.
      Also feel free to let us know, what you would love to see with such panels to optimize your work!

      Yours, Clemens