No-Nonsense Fixtures for the Lighting Pro

  • ✓ Easy selection. Less frustration.
  • ✓ Get in. Get the job done.
  • ✓ Guaranteed to last. Proven by your work mates.

Ok, lets get to the point:

Keep it simple!

We all know that simple jobs run smoothly and to budget. Get the right tools, get on it and get the job done. We offer raw and authentic products without all the fancy fluff – to make you look like the hero. And, who doesn’t love a hero?

Let’s be honest. Lighting can get too complicated for its own good. Some lighting marketing is full of fluff and no substance. I mean, who needs fancy packaging when it just gets chucked straight in the skip, right? And, does it help you get the job done? Nope. This is where luminent is the midfield general. We offer no-nonsense quality products designed for you, the trade professional, to get on with the job and still have time for a brew. There we have it. A range of products that are certified and ready to get the job done. Quickly. Easily. No messing. We are looking to take LED lighting back to basics. Products that work without any extra baggage and expensive, unnecessary technology. We believe that through keeping things as simple as possible, with as few moving parts as possible, you can achieve amazing results.

Get the respect of your peers and maybe a free pint on a Friday night by becoming a LED LUMINARY

You are the hero.

Seriously. You are the everyday champion of the people. It’s all about the attitude. You know your trade. You know how to do a good job. All you need is the right tools and bish, bash, bosh… job done.

Vacancies available for awesome people

We are looking for professionals just like you, who can share their expertise with other installers. We are looking for hints, tips, and general awesomeness. In exchange, we will give you preferential treatment and lots of goodies. The LED LUMINARY badge is limited to the best 100 installers giving our community awesome hacks for lighting solutions.